The Yeshiva of Newark was founded 15 years ago to serve bnei Torah as a unique “prozdor” from the world of the Bais Midrash to the world of earning a parnasah. Nestled in the heart of a successful world class corporation, our students, with vistas of the powerful New York skyline greeting them every day, gain the tools to navigate the modern world without sacrificing the values of authenticity and integrity provided by our rich mesorah.

Our talented and experienced staff features world class Rabbeim who work with each and every talmid, helping them discover the timelessness and relevance of chazal’s wisdom and how to align their thinking with the darchei haTorah. This attention, along with never losing focus on our mission to inculcate in our talmidim a deep “emesdik” relationship with haKadosh Boruch Hu, has produced well balanced bnei torah who are also motivated leaders and passionate askanim currently contributing to kehilas across the globe.

Young bnei Torah who are interested in earning a degree without leaving the serious pursuit of limud haTorah have been finding their way to our Yeshiva for a decade and a half. During that time the Yeshiva has worked hard to constantly improve, and, baruch hashem, the quality of our degrees as well as our seder limud has seen tremendous growth. Our morning seder not only allows for fantastic gemara, halacha, and hashkafah shiurim, but, based on the Igerres haRamban’s prescription for ultimate torah learning, ״וכאשר תקום מן הספר – תחפש באשר למדת אם יש בו דבר אשר תוכל לקימו״, focuses on always finding the relevancy of that day’s learning to our lives.

Our talmidim leave with the understanding that the opportunities for being mekadesh shem shamayim are always present, inside the koslei bais midrash and out; and they are prepared for both. As the Ramban continues in the Iggeres, which was a letter to his son instructing him on how to live a life of Kiddush haShem; ״בכל דבריך ומעשיך ומחשבותיך, ובכל עת – חשוב בלבך כאלו אתה עומד לפני הקדוש ברוך הוא ושכינתו עליך, כי כבודו מלא העולם.״



Rabbi Shmuel Skaist

Rosh haYeshiva

Rabbi Sender Friedlander

Maggid Shiur & Registrar

Rabbi Pinchas Wolhendler

Maggid Shiur

Rabbi Avraham Kivelevitz

Rosh Bais Midrash

Golan Ben-Oni

Dean of Technology

Ioannis Farazis


Larry Bernstein


Michael Ross

IT – Math

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