The Yeshiva of Newark


Founded in 2005 to serve b’nei Torah as a unique “prozdor” from the world of the Bais Midrash to the world of earning a parnasah, the Yeshiva is nestled in the heart of a successful world class corporation where our students gain the tools to navigate the modern world without sacrificing the values of authenticity and integrity provided by our rich mesorah.


Our talmidim leave with the understanding that the opportunities for being mekadesh shem shamayim are always present, inside the koslei bais midrash and out; and they are prepared for both. In the Iggeres ha’Ramban, the Ramban instructs his son on how to live a life of Kiddush haShem; ״בכל דבריך ומעשיך ומחשבותיך, ובכל עת – חשוב בלבך כאלו אתה עומד לפני הקדוש ברוך הוא ושכינתו עליך, כי כבודו מלא העולם.״


Two Bachelor Degree Program’s To Choose From:

      1. Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity
      2. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration


The Yeshiva of Newark offers a superior educational experience by partnering with IDT, Bellevue University, and YIEP, allowing us to provide state-of-the-art courses combining the best of online and in-person classroom experiences.


Bellevue University offers excellent courses and YIEP works with the University to ensure that the courses meet our Yeshiva standards and never conflict with Shabbos or Yom Tov.


Our partnership with IDT catapults us well beyond similar programs at highly respected universities by offering exclusive lectures and workshops by leading industry professionals, internships for direct application of theory to real-world situations, and job placement opportunities.

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